Lopaka - Embedded graphics designer and code generator tool

The problem: it is tiring to create a beautiful interface for electronic devices.

The solution: a cross-platform graphic editor with a code builder and component library. Supports popular GUI libraries: U8g2, Adafruit GFX, Flipper Zero canvas API, embedded-graphics under Rust, LVGL, and more. Accessible from any device and OS via a web application, collaborative work, prototyping, and everything else that Figma is loved for.

My cursory analysis of existing solutions did not yield results: I found only one editor close in functionality (SquareLine) and it is ten years behind and only works with LVGL. Everything else is poor makeshift versions that need to be downloaded, configured, and installed - in general, it is a real headache. For u8g2, there is nothing like it at all.

Read the full story of creation of Lopaka in my blog: The story of Lopaka: How I made Graphics Editor for Arduino, ESP32, FlipperZero

Meet Lopaka with U8g2 and Arduino graphics!

I’ve added support for the most popular library for monochrome displays, u8g2, created a new repository, and bought a beautiful domain.




Release notes

Keyboard shortcuts

Lopaka u8g2 editor

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If you like the project and you’re an engineer or designer of electronic devices with screen interfaces and are ready for a small interview - I’ll be insanely happy to chat. Drop a line to @ilin_pt or [email protected]

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