Pomodoro timer for Flipper Zero!

Flipper Zero is a portable Tamagotchi-like multi-functional device. I follow this project since the idea appeared in Pavel’s mind. We had a good time working together on it’s web presence at the very early stage. As soon as they announced the user apps feature I started to develop ideas of such applications. This app is made to make it easier to follow the Pomodoro time management method.

Flipper Zero developer experience

This is my first try to do something bigger than “Hello world” with C language. Most of the code is a copy-paste from random pieces of the flipper firmware. I took the bluetooth keybord as a base because it had a similar structure and UI. I had no idea of typing and variables syntax. Everything was made by trial and errors method.

I can describe the current Flipper Zero developer experience as very convenient: the dev kit is awesome, the qFlipper app is very fast and useful.

There are some minor exceptions happen here and there but the main workflow is perfectly smooth.

Pomodoro App for Flipper Zero

Pomodoro App Github

Pomodoro App for Flipper Zero

Here we have three timers:

Other features:

The device API is being changed every day so feel free to ask me for an update.